Counting calories, working out the nutrient content of foods, and preparing low-fat meals can be challenging when you lead a busy life. At Lifestyle Change Trends in Old Bridge, New Jersey, Chidi Anukwuem, MD, helps patients lose weight without the hassle by using meal replacement drink mixes. These easy-to-make shakes contain all the necessary nutrients but only a fraction of the calories. Call Lifestyle Change Trends to discover how meal replacement shakes can help you lose weight, or request a consultation online today.

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What are meal replacement drink mixes?

Meal replacement drink mixes contain many nutrients but with fewer calories than an average meal. They often come as a powder you mix with milk or water to make a shake. You can also get premade meal replacement drink mixes in single-serving bottles.

If you need to lose weight, drink a meal replacement shake instead of breakfast and/or lunch or dinner to reduce your calorie intake without compromising on the nutrition you need for good health. Meal replacement shakes also help you overcome hunger pangs — a common problem when losing weight.

Research indicates that including meal replacement drink mixes in weight loss programs significantly increases the percentage of body fat you’re likely to lose.

Why should I use meal-replacement drink mixes?

If you carry excess body weight, your health is at risk. You could develop life-threatening conditions like heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), or type 2 diabetes, suffer a stroke or organ failure, and significantly shorten your life expectancy.

Excess weight increases your risk of depression, anxiety, infections, vision loss, ulcers (open sores), and gastroesophageal reflux disease. You might have mobility problems and joint or back pain because of your weight.

Meal replacement drink mixes are a convenient, no-fuss way of ensuring you maintain your health while cutting out fattening foods. You don’t have to work out how many calories are in every meal or check ingredient labels for sugar, salt, and saturated fat because all this is done for you. All you need to do is make up your shake and drink it.

What do meal replacement drink mixes contain?

The ingredients in meal replacement drink mixes vary depending on the manufacturer. Dr. Anukwuem only recommends shakes with all the essential nutrients you need and no unnecessary additives.

Meal replacement drink mixes don’t usually contain whole grains, fruits, or vegetables. However, they have high levels of the nutrients found in these foods, including vitamins and minerals (micronutrients). ‌They also contain protein and fiber.

Protein helps you feel full, so in the most effective meal replacement shakes, the protein level is at least equal to the carbohydrate level and preferably higher. Fiber aids healthy digestion, so you avoid bloating and constipation. Healthy meal replacement drink mixes contain at least three grams of fiber.

To learn more about successful weight loss with meal replacement drink mixes, call Lifestyle Change Trends or request an appointment online today.