If weight loss were easy, then waistlines would be shrinking instead of expanding. Weight loss specialist Chidi Anukwuem, MD, at Lifestyle Change Trends in Old Bridge, New Jersey, understands the struggles you face when it comes to weight loss and provides prescription appetite suppressants and meal replacement drink mixes to improve your chances of success. To schedule a consultation to learn more about appetite suppressants and whether they’re an option for you, call the office or request an appointment online today.

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What are appetite suppressants?

As the term suggests, appetite suppressants are medications that help you gain control over your appetite. Losing weight requires you to create a negative calorie balance by eating less, exercising more, or a combination of both. When you decrease your usual calorie intake or increase your activity, you may feel hungry, which can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Dr. Anukwuem specializes in weight loss and wants nothing more than for you to reach your weight loss goals. To help you succeed, he offers prescription appetite suppressants. These medications work by either making you feel less hungry or feel full sooner after you start eating, so you eat less. Dr. Anukwuem doesn’t offer over-the-counter appetite suppressants, only prescription options.

Am I a good candidate for an appetite suppressant?

Dr. Anukwuem determines if you’re a good candidate for an appetite suppressant when you come to the office for a consultation. When determining if you would benefit from an appetite suppressant, Dr. Anukwuem takes into consideration:

  • The types of medications you currently take
  • Your medical and family history
  • The health benefits of your weight loss

He also considers your body mass index (BMI). You may be considered a good candidate for appetite suppressants if your BMI is 30 or greater or if your BMI is between 27 and 30 and you have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Do I need to follow a diet with appetite suppressants?

Yes, you need to follow a weight loss diet to lose weight while taking appetite suppressants. The medications decrease your desire to eat, but you need to follow a healthy eating plan that keeps your calorie level in check while still providing you with all the nutrients you need for good health.

Dr. Anukwuem offers a medical weight loss program and utilizes many different diet strategies, including a low-calorie diet, a low-carb diet, the keto diet, and meal replacement drink mixes. He may also suggest you incorporate exercise into your weight loss plan to help create the right calorie balance for success.

When combined with medical weight management, appetite suppressants can provide the extra support you need to form new habits and behaviors to lose weight and keep it off.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Anukwuem and the team at Lifestyle Change Trends, call the office or request an appointment online today.